The HIRE Program is currently closed.

If you are an Alberta start up or small company needing to hire highly-qualified business or technical personnel, you may qualify for a non-repayable grant equivalent to 50% of the position salary for the first year of employment, up to $50,000.

A qualifying project leader is:
  • A for-profit company
  • Incorporated and operating in Alberta
  • Minimum of one and no more than 50 full-time employees
  • Annual sales revenue ordinarily not exceeding $5 million
  • Primary business of the company must be the development and commercialization of geomatics technology
Duration of projects:
  • Funding for a hire will have the duration of 12 months; however, this intended position must be hired with the intention of serving a long-term business need (ie. an indefinite term).
Funding ratio:
  • TECTERRA will invest up to 50% of the first year’s salary
Funding amounts:
  • TECTERRA matching contribution: $50,000 maximum.
Key priorities for this program include:
  • The hire must be ‘net-new’; meaning that the position identified must be additional to the current and recent activity of the company, and is not a replacement for a recently (within 3 months) departed employee, contractor or consultant
  • The hire must serve a long-term business need beyond the period funded by TECTERRA
  • The hire must be associated with, and add significant value to the ongoing development and commercialization
  • The hire must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada
  • The salary must align with recognized industry standards

More Information

Funding under TECTERRA’s HIRE Program is awarded on an ongoing basis, and applications are continually accepted. Applications for the program can be submitted at any time, and are reviewed every two weeks. Funding for the program is awarded based on the extent to which applicants meet the following criteria:

  • Applications must be submitted by an Alberta-based small or start-up company.
    • Must be a for-profit company.
    • Incorporated and operating in Alberta.
    • Minimum of 1 and no more that 50 full-time employees.
    • Annual sales revenues can not exceed $5M.
  • The role must be associated with the commercialization and/or development of innovative geospatial technologies.
  • The hire must fit the definition of a Highly Qualified Professional (HQP).
    • Must be highly educated with a Bachelors Degree or higher from a recognized university program.
    • The position must be aligned with the HQP’s field of study.
  • The HQP must represent a ‘net-new hire’ for the company, meaning:
    • The position identified must be additional to the current and recent activity of the company, and can not be a replacement for a recently (within three months) departed employee, contractor or consultant.
  • HQPs are hired with the intention of serving a long-term business need(s) within the applicant company (i.e. beyond the period funded by TECTERRA).
  • The HQP can either be technical (Engineer, developer, etc.) or business focused (sales, market, etc.).
  • The HQP salary must align with recognized industry standards.
  • Applications may be submitted prior to the hiring of the HQP candidate.
    • TECTERRA reserves the right to confirm the credentials and the fit of the candidate.
  • The HQP must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada at the time of application.
  • Upon start of employment and during the term of TECTERRA’s funding, the HQP must be a resident of Alberta.
  • The HQP may not be related to any senior manager, officer, director or principal shareholder of the applicant company.
  • The application must be submitted by an Officer or a Director of the company.
  • All application forms must be complete.

TECTERRA assesses all applications based on various criteria including:


  • Will the new HQP be associated with and add significant value to the ongoing development and/or commercialization of innovative geospatial technology?
  • Will the HQP expand or provide new geospatial capabilities within the applicant organization?
  • Will the HQP accelerate your go-to-market plan?
  • Will the HQP increase the likelihood of commercial success for your product?


In order to be eligible for the GEO-Placement program, applicants will have to demonstrate their ability and capacity to support the required HQP by answering the following questions:

  • Is the job description understandable with clear short, medium and long term objectives?
  • Can the applicant support the positon during the period of TECTERRA support?
  • Can the applicant support the position after the conclusion of TECTERRA support?


  • How will this type of funding assist the applicant?
  • What is the financial impact that this HQP will have on your organization?
  • Preference will be given to applications where the candidate’s degree is at the post-graduate level (i.e. Ph.D., Masters, or MBA).

Applicant’s prior performance on this and other TECTERRA programs is considered in the assessment of applications.

The estimated program budget, number of awards and average award size and duration of acceptable projects is subject to the availability of funds as determined by TECTERRA’s Management.

  • Standard funding: A non-repayable grant of 50% of the position salary for a period of one year, up to $50,000 CDN.
  • Additional funding: 50% of eligible moving expenses as defined by the CRA, up to a maximum of $10,000, where the HQP is relocating from outside Alberta.
  • Non-Eligible costs:
    • Bonuses.
    • Benefits.
    • Other expenses or fringe costs.
  • Non-eligible positions:
    • Positions previously or currently funded through any and all other TECTERRA, federal and/or provincial funding programs of any kind (partially or fully, directly or indirectly).
    • Executive, co-founder, or partner level positions are also non-eligible.

Due to the significant number of applications TECTERRA receives, TECTERRA will not renew any previously approved HIRE positions past the one-year term, nor offer the possibility of extensions to future HIRE positions.  This will enable us to provide support to more Alberta companies, helping them grow their businesses.

The program application process is as follows:

  • Companies submit an online application through the online client portal HERE at any time.
  • Applications are reviewed within 2 weeks of submission.
  • Receive notification of award from TECTERRA.
  • Sign a Funding Agreement.
  • Hire your candidate.

HIRE applications will be reviewed twice per month and approval notification will follow swiftly.  TECTERRA reserves the sole and absolute right and discretion to select all, some or none of the submissions for funding.


HIRE award notification will be made to successful applicants by TECTERRA’s Chief Executive Officer. Successful applicants will be required to sign a TECTERRA Funding Agreement upon approval. The placement (job start date) of approved HQP candidates must take place within 6 months of the award notification, otherwise the application will be considered void and a new application may be required.

TECTERRA will reimburse the company monthly on receipt of proof of salary payment for the HQP along with a brief monthly report, allowing no more than two (2) weeks processing time within TECTERRA. Proof of salary payment would be copies of relevant pay stubs, forwarded in confidence to TECTERRA by the end of each calendar month.

All expenses incurred by the applicant through the application process, regardless of the outcome, will be the sole responsibility of the applicant.

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