Youth engagement is both a road to better community results and a positive result as it can lead to growth in the geospatial sector. Youth learn about the various geospatial communities and how they can play a role in the future of the sector. They develop research, leadership, community organizing, and decision-making skills. It helps young people build skills and networks that are valued in the workplace and can thus be a source of industry prosperity. 

TECTERRA’ s youth engagement initiative is designed to encourage geospatial thinking in young minds. Fostering thinking in this area will lead to more engagement in the geospatial industry in the long-term. TECTERRA will work with existing youth-focused organizations to co-build programs that assist the youth to build geospatial thinking and skills. We hope that by empowering youth early to understand the spatial connections in the world around them that they will have stronger geospatial skills and abilities throughout their life.