The HIRE program is permanently closed for applications.

The number one goal for most companies is growth. Sales growth, team growth, product growth – everyone is seeking some form of gain. TECTERRA’s HIRE Program helps funds the first year of a new employee to support the development and commercialization of geomatics technology.  It is designed to create economic value for small Alberta companies by facilitating the first year of employment while de-risking the onboarding process.

If you are a geospatial company with fewer than 100 employees needing to hire a full-time employee, you may qualify for a non-repayable grant equivalent to up to 50% of the position salary for the first year of employment, up to $50,000.


Company Requirements
  • Be submitted and led by an Alberta based start-up or small enterprise.
  • Must be a for-profit company.
  • Incorporated and operating in Alberta.
  • Minimum of one, and no more than 100, employees.
  • Annual sales revenue cannot exceed $5 million.
  • Must carry Commercial General Liability Insurance for a minimum of $2 million.
  • Preference is given when the primary business of the company is using location-based information, or geospatial development, technology deployment, technology solutions.
HIRE Candidate Requirements
  • The role must be associated with the commercialization and/or development of innovative geospatial technologies.
  • The company must demonstrate how the HIRE will benefit their organization
  • The HIRE must represent a full-time ‘net-new hire’ for the company, meaning:
    • The position identified must be additional to the current and recent activity of the company, and can not be a replacement for a recently departed employee, contractor or consultant.
  • HIRES are brought in with the intention of serving a long-term business need(s) within the applicant company (i.e. beyond the period funded by TECTERRA).
  • The HIRE salary must align with recognized industry standards.
  • Upon start of employment and during the term of TECTERRA’s funding, the HIRE must be a permanent resident of Canada, living in Alberta.
  • The HIRE may not be related to any senior manager, officer, director or principal shareholder of the applicant company.
  • Non-eligible positions:
    • Positions previously or currently funded through any and all other TECTERRA, federal and/or provincial funding programs of any kind (partially or fully, directly or indirectly).
    • Executive, co-founder, or partner level positions are also non-eligible.


Funding Details

TECTERRA will invest up to 50% of the first year’s salary, the remaining must be paid by the applicant. No stacking permitted.

  • TECTERRA matching funding amount is a maximum of $50,000
  • Funding for a HIRE will have the duration of 12 months
  • The salary must align with recognized industry standards
  • No stacking permitted.
  • Non-Eligible costs:
    • Bonuses.
    • Benefits.
    • Other expenses or fringe costs.


Application Process

Applications must be submitted to TECTERRA.  Without prejudice, TECTERRA welcomes any opportunity to review and discuss potential submissions prior to formal submission. TECTERRA reserves the sole and absolute right and discretion to select all, some, or none of the submissions for funding.

  • Funding under TECTERRA’s HIRE Program is awarded on an ongoing basis.
  • Companies must thoroughly review requirements.
  • Companies submit an online application through the online Client Portal at any time.
  • Applications are reviewed within 2 – 3 weeks of submission.
  • Receive notification of award from TECTERRA, and begin 60 day hiring period.
  • Link to job posting must be provided to TECTERRA.
  • Enter Due Diligence phase and submit all required documents to TECTERRA.
  • Sign a Funding Agreement.
  • The estimated program budget, number of awards and average award size HIRES are subject to the availability of funds as determined by TECTERRA’s Management.
  • Due to the significant number of applications TECTERRA receives, TECTERRA will not renew any previously approved HIRE positions past the one-year term nor offer the possibility of extensions to future HIRE positions.
  • The placement (job start date) of approved HIRE candidates must take place within 2 months of the notification of award, otherwise the application will be considered void and a new application will be required.
  • All expenses incurred by the applicant through the application process, regardless of the outcome, will be the sole responsibility of the applicant.
Funding Process
  • TECTERRA will reimburse the company quarterly on receipt of proof of salary payment for the HIRE along with a brief monthly report, allowing no more than two (2) weeks processing time within TECTERRA.
  • Proof of salary payment would be copies of relevant pay stubs, forwarded in confidence to TECTERRA at the end of each quarter.


Does it need to be a new role?  

Yes, it does.  

We already have someone in mind for this position, can we still apply? 

Yes, but they cannot start their position with the company before TECTERRA has approved the funding. It is ideal that the job positing is still live on the preferred website.   

The candidate I have in mind is here on a working VISA, are we still eligible?

No, the candidate must be a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident.

Is stacking allowed (i.e multiple funding agreements with government entities)? 

No, the position cannot be funded, partially, fully, or indirectly by the provincial or federal government in addition to TECTERRAs funding.  

Can I submit more than one application at a time?

No, we recommend companies only submit one application at a time. If you have more than one role open, please apply for the role most aligned with the HIRE Program Criteria above.

Should I apply before I have insurance? 

No, because sometimes it can take longer to receive insurance than approval for the program. You may lose your spot in the HIRE Program if you do not have insurance when we approve your funding.  

Once approved for funding, how long do I have to secure a candidate?

You have two months to secure a candidate from the date of approval. If you cannot secure a candidate within two months, you will be required to re-submit your application.

What documents are required for my application? 

Ensure you have the following documents available before submitting your application: 

  • Annual cashflow projections 
  • Certificate of insurance (minimum 2 million) 
  • Certificate of Incorporation 
  • Direct deposit information 
  • Corporate registry document (listing major stakeholders) 
  • Most recent financial statements 
  • Job description for the position you are applying for 
  • Organizational chart 

What is the application process? 

  1. Fill out the application form in the Client Portal. 
  2. We’ll look and either approve or decline the potential application.  
  3. Post your position and send TECTERRA the link to the posting. 
  4. Once you have determined a candidate, you’ll need to submit their resume to TECTERRA. 
  5. TECTERRA will approve the candidate and you’ll be required to upload the documents noted above.  
  6. TECTERRA will approve the candidate and documents. 
  7. Send in a copy of the signed offer letter.  
  8. Reporting begins and you’ll need to submit monthly report on proof of payment (pay stub). 

I have a few questions before applying, who do I contact? 

Reach out to our Project Portfolio Manager, Kim Doherty at kdoherty@tecterra.com.