1. Applicants submit an initial application at any time through the online client portal HERE.
  2. Applications are reviewed by TECTERRA within 1 week of submission.
  3. Successful applicants are invited to meet with TECTERRA in a 90 min meeting consisting of:
    • 10 minute pitch.
    • 80 minute questions and discussion.
  4. Successful applicants from the meeting are invited to submit a Full Proposal (FP).
  5. Full Proposals are reviewed by TECTERRA management and the external Project Advisory Committee and suitable applications are recommended to the Board of Directors for funding
  6. TECTERRA’s Board of Directors reviews and approves qualified projects.
    • The estimated program budget, number of awards and average award size and duration of acceptable projects is subject to the availability of funds as determined by TECTERRA’s Board of Directors.
  7. All applicants are notified of their FP status.


Applicants may submit an initial application to TECTERRA at any time and may do so through the online client portal HERE.  Submissions will be reviewed by TECTERRA and successful applicants will be contacted and invited to a meeting with TECTERRA. Successful applicants will be invited to submit a Full Proposal containing full project details for final consideration and decision.

Prior to submitting an application, you are strongly encouraged to contact Richard C. Gorecki, Director of Portfolio Development at (403) 532-4279 or for the purpose of addressing any questions and ensuring proper alignment with the program.

TECTERRA reserves the sole and absolute right and discretion to select all, some or none of the application submissions for Full Proposal consideration.


FP submissions are by invitation only and must be submitted through the online client Portal.  In addition to the FP application, applicants are also required to submit a pitch video with a maximum length of 2 minutes.  FP submissions will be reviewed by TECTERRA as well as its external Project Advisory Committee.  Suitable submissions will be recommended to TECTERRA’s Board of Directors for funding approval.  Successful FP applicants will be contacted to complete the definitive funding agreement, which will include all terms and conditions.

TECTERRA reserves the sole and absolute right and discretion to select all, some or none of the FP submissions for funding.  TECTERRA also has the sole and absolute discretion to determine all funding amounts, which may be different from the amount requested by the applicant.

Applicants who engage with us are more likely to get approved.