TECTERRA is a non-profit focused on community-level initiatives which grow geospatial thinking, develop skills, and lead to the creation of innovative technology.

Since our inception in 2010, we have helped hundreds of Canadian companies grow and scale their business. With companies working on everything from remote sensing, to navigation, to spatial intelligence, we have propelled the Canadian geospatial industry forward.


Ensuring the industry is equipped with a workforce is part of TECTERRA’s mission to grow the geospatial industry. As new industries come into play and gain interest in people early in their careers, its important to think about recruitment and the role it plays in a prosperous economy. By investing in geomatics related post-secondary students, we are investing in the future of the industry.

The program offers financial aid for geomatics undergraduates, helps geomatics graduates commercialize technologies within the university, attracts aspiring geomatics enthusiasts, offers co-op and internship opportunities for job placement, and invests in advanced technology to enhance geomatics education. Its main goals are:

  • Development of Highly Qualified Individuals: Nurture the next generation of geomatics and geospatial experts by providing funding for academic programs and initiatives that empower students to excel in this dynamic field.
  • Advance Innovation and Commercialization: Stimulating innovation and entrepreneurship in the geomatics industry by assisting graduates in commercializing groundbreaking technologies and fostering a thriving ecosystem for geospatial innovation.
  • Connect the Industry with Emerging Talent: Bridge the gap between academic excellence and industry needs by creating co-op and internship programs that enable geomatics students to seamlessly transition into full-time employment.
  • Elevating Academic Excellence: Empower universities to procure cutting-edge technology hardware and software for their laboratories, ensuring they can deliver education at the forefront of modern standards.


Over the past decade, we’ve stimulated job creation, company growth, and economic diversification through well-placed investments toward the development and commercialization of innovative geospatial technologies. Through our funding programs, we’ve helped Canadian geospatial technology companies achieve commercial success faster than they could on their own without giving up control, intellectual property or equity.

Since TECTERRA’s inception in 2009, the non-profit organization has directly supported hundreds of startups and SMEs through various funding programs like the HIRE and BUILD Programs. The successful outcomes of these emerging technology companies have a substantial positive impact on Canada’s traditional economic sectors while providing important diversification for the economy.